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New Formula for Each Flu Season


A Unique Approach to the Flu


Seasonal viruses present new strains that stay ahead of and challenge the immune system.  Each year TRIPLE FLU DEFENSE+ is uniquely reformulated  for optimal immune defense against current strains and viruses.

• PROTECT your family from seasonal viruses, respiratory and stomach flu.
• NATURAL immune defense that targets current strains and alleviates symptoms.
• DOCTOR trusted since 2008 with NO drowsiness, NO side effects, NO harmful additives.
• EASY to administer liquid that works for all ages.
• FAST results at a great value – 60 Adult Doses!


Dr Nenninger Triple Flu Defense helps to reduce the severity of symptoms of infection including body aches, headaches, sore throat, cough, congestion, fever, chills, nausea, diarrhoea and fatigue. Triple Flu Defense+ 2023-2024 is targeted for optimal effectiveness against seasonal viruses, respiratory and stomach flu.

Each year there are many seasonal viruses that continually mutate to form new strains. These viruses stay ahead of and challenge our immune system. Flu strains present distinct symptoms which is why influenza cases look different year to year. Triple Flu Defense+ is the only targeted homeopathic medicine adjusted each season for new seasonal viruses and is recommended by doctors. 

Triple Flu Defense+ 2023-2024 Nenningers Naturals 1 oz


    Triple Flu Defense 2022-2023
    Our homeopathic formulas are made with all HPUS* ingredients and potencies. We use organic grape alcohol to serve as a natural preservative and to also prevent microbial contamination.  Our organic grape alcohol is safe for gluten-sensitive individuals.

    Active Ingredients: HPUS*
    Equal volumes of each ingredient in a 30C potency.*HPUS indicates ingredients are monographed in the official Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States


    HPUS Active Ingredients -

    Ailanthus....sore throat

    Anas barbariae...general flu symptoms 

    Blatta Orinetalis....cough, congestion

    Byronia....body aches, headache

    Cinchona....diarrhea, vomiting

    Eupatorium perf....body aches, cough

    Gelsemium....chills, fever, fatigue

    Influenzinum....general flu symptoms

    Ipeca....nausea, vomiting

    Mercurius vivus....fever, sinus pain

    Phosphoricum acid....fatigue, headache

     Phosphorus....congestion, sore throat

    Equal volumes of each ingredient in 30C potency. Inactive Ingredients: Organic Grape Alcohol 20% v/v), USP purified water.

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